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Dan & Carol Vaisanen

Mission Directors

Carol Vaisanen officially joined GARN with her husband Dan Vaisanen in August 2012. Previously, Carol and Dan spent two years helping Bill Easter write his book, Journey Into The Apostolic, during which time the three of them established a strong relationship.


While working on the book, God called Carol to join Bill’s team for his second mission trip to India. While in India, Carol had an encounter with Jesus. He called and anointed her to preach the gospel to the nations. After returning to the U.S., Carol had a vision to start the mission arm of GARN. She began administrating GARN international mission trips and has traveled on GARN Mission trips to India, Uganda, and Kenya.


Dan Vaisanen has served GARN in an administrative role; serving, for example, as liaison for the mission team in the field while corresponding with prayer warriors and financial supporters back home.

Organization: GARN
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

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