Bill & Denise Easter

Founders / Directors of Global Apostolic Revival Network  /  Facebook



Bill has pastored two churches in Tennessee, spent ten years on the mission field laboring among Native Americans. Bill was very involved in the Brownsville Revival and has been spreading the fire of God since having an encounter at the revival in 1996.


His first church in Bolivar, Tennessee experienced revival for 25 weeks, with many lives being impacted by the fire of God. While pastoring his second church in Sidonia, Tennessee, God told to Bill to ride a bike across America, praying over state capitals and preaching revivals as he went.


One-and-a-half years and 2500 miles later, Bill wound up in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with the Havasupai Indians. That was on 9/11/01.


In 12/28/01, God spoke to Bill at a Winterfest Ramp service, saying "Will you go to the desert for just one?" Bill was to switch directions from praying for America, which was being done now by the whole nation, to living with the Native Americans.


Bill and Denise were appointed as AG US missionaries, and went to live with the Havasupai for two-and-a-half years. They then moved to the top of the canyon with the Hualapai for three years, during which time Bill started traveling and preaching revivals on many reservations.


Bill believes revival on the reservation is one key to revival in America.


In 2007, Bill had heart trouble and a pacemaker put in. By 2009, we resigned the work in Arizona and headed home to Tennessee to setup headquarters.


From 2009 - 2011, Bill has traveled from East coast to West coast, from Virginia to Alaska, even Mexico, preaching revivals. In 2011, Bill and Denise resigned from the AG US Missions to found Global Apostolic Revival Network (GARN).


Denise and Bill have been married for over 30 years. Denise does correspondence with phone calls & emails, and holds down the fort at home while Bill travels.

Gary & Carol Armstrong

Co-Directors of Global Apostolic Revival Network  /  Facebook



Gary and Carol have been pastoring for 11 years. After visiting the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, they began ministering on the streets in 1997' starting in gang areas, crack houses, and bars. They are dedicated to seeing the body of Christ being empowered to fulfill the call to expand the Kingdom around the world. They live to see Jesus get all that He paid for on the cross.


In 2010, Gary received a revelation from God to stop preaching on the Coming of the Sons of God as mentioned in Romans 8:19, but to begin to see them already here in front of him and since that revelation, his heart's passion is to see the church come into full knowledge of identity and inheritance.


Carol is passionate about seeing people move in the prophetic and watch people learn about the creativity of God. Together, Gary and Carol form a message of the Fathers heart.


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